Urban Doggie Etiquette

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We've all been there: walking our furry friend along the sidewalks of Downtown LA and suddenly he or she stops and messes right in the middle of the walk-way. While trying to avoid the condescending looks from passers-by you reach for your next doggy bag and realize you're out. Keeping your head down, you walk away. You just became THAT dog owner. The one that leaves a steaming pile of poo to be tracked everywhere by each unsuspecting foot and tire to come along. Gross. Here's a few tips to help you avoid these kinds of unsanitary and embarrassing situations. 1. Curb your dog. It sounds tough, but it's really just one more stage of potty-training for urban dogs. We all know when our dogs are "looking" and it's during this time we need to direct them as close to the curb as possible. After a few times, they'll start heading to the curb all by themselves! This helps to keep pee and poo residue from covering the majority of the sidewalk, and in turn keeps it off our shoes! 2. Trees, grass, dirt. Yes, we live in a concrete jungle, but there are lots of trees to let your buddy lift a leg on. Many of these trees have mulch or dirt at the base which are great spots to let your pet go on. You'll also notice many fake grass patches popping up. These are specifically there for our pets to use. 3. Buildings, planters, trash cans, and (yes, even) fire hydrants are off limits. People have to touch and clean these things. Don't put their health at risk because your dog doesn't know any better. 4. Pick it up! Every time! Make sure you keep a supply of poop bags on you at all times (you can buy GoGo brand poop bags at Pet Project; 120-pack for $8.99). As an urban dog owner you are responsible for picking up each and every pile of stink your pup has left behind. If we all do our part, we can help keep our neighborhoods clean and safe for our pets. And remember, if you do run out of bags mid-walk feel free to stop in and grab one from us! We'll treat your pup as well! -Tyler "Dogs" Bartlett, Pet Project Team Member, DTLA Dog Owner

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