Odin, My Rescue. By Tyler Bartlett

Odin, My Rescue. By Tyler Bartlett I always thought I’d adopt puppies. My ideal situation involved finding a local litter of mutts at or destined for the pound, and I would go pick out my new best friend. It’s how I found my cat. A good friend was fostering him at just the right time and he and I found each other. He'll be mine his whole life. It's how I was sure I knew my animals best: get them young. I never really thought I’d rescue an older dog, though. Thank every inch of the universe I was wrong. In October, I adopted Odin. He found his way to me thorough Pet Project. His foster mother, Jessica, walked him in one fateful day while I was working and something just stuck. I spent the rest of the day thinking about him. That evening while walking Kota and Mika, my good friends’ dogs, we happened to encounter Jessica and Odin (then Delgado) at the Spring Street Park. All the dogs got along great and the deal was sealed. The next day I welcomed the newly rechristened Odin into my home. The following week, while learning more of Odin’s origins including being studded out (he was found with over twenty puppies), short-chained to a tree, and suffering abuse that cost him his right eye and left him severely underweight, I was introduced to some of his puppies. My perfect situation found me: German Shepherd-mix puppies eight to ten weeks old, and there was a girl. The only problem was I really could only take one dog in at that time. So I had a choice to make: give up Odin (whose history I’ll never truly know) and adopt a puppy (who would be only mine her whole life), or keep Odin and trust those puppies would find good homes though their foster homes. Even after a few days, though, there was no choice. I knew those puppies had a better chance via their (immeasurable) cuteness to find homes than my new friend. I knew if he ended up in a shelter he had no chance. Even with his amazing temperament, his injury, age, and size almost assured a grim road ahead. So I forsook my ideal canine situation and went with the guy who needed me more. Turns out I don’t know what I’d do without him now. He’s been the absolute best dog and is without a doubt, my best friend. He’s got his forever home now. Where he will live out the rest of his days like a king. I guess my message with story (aside from me bragging about my awesome dog) is that adult and senior dogs, especially survivors of abuse and neglect, need homes too, not-just super-cute puppies. So if you can, make the choice to let an old dog live out his or her days in comfort and filled with love. They'll never stop thanking you for it, and you’ll never regret it. http://ow.ly/i/5dWaP
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