Summer Safety Tips by Xe Davis

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Summer Safety Tips by Xe Davis As the Dog Days of Summer swiftly approach us, we’re all looking for ways to beat the heat and stay hydrated. It is important to be conscious throughout these hot months to keep our pets equally hydrated by making sure they’re getting the proper amount of water they need. Here are some symptoms to look for to detect dehydration in our pets: A quick and easy way to test if your pet is dehydrated is to check the elasticity in their skin. When your pet is hydrated, their skin will quickly snap back into place after you stretch it out. When they’re dehydrated, the skin will slowly shift back into place. The scruff of the neck is a good place to test this out, just grab a pinch, pull up, and let go! Other signs of dehydration to look out for would be if your pet lacks its usual energy and appears to have sunken eyes or dry gums. A simple way to ensure that you keep both you and your pet cool is to keep a full bottle of water with you at all times and carry a portable dog dish with you. Pet Project carries a number of portable dishes such as the Bend-A-Bowl and the Handi-Drink. You also want to be sure to keep your pets water dish at home full at all times and it’s always nice to throw some ice cubes in on a really hot day to keep them refreshed! Pet Project also carries Sweet Spots Frozen Dog Treats in peanut butter and sweet potato flavors for those days you want to give your pet a cool treat! One of the most important things to remember during the summer is to be sure to never leave your dog in the hot sun for too long. Everyone loves the sunshine, but our pets can get heat exhaustion more easily as we can! While we sweat to cool our bodies, our pets don’t. They pant and rely on their coats to insulate them from the heat. Never leave your dog in a hot car. Even if the windows are cracked, leaving your dog in a car on a hot summer day can be extremely dangerous. The temperature inside of a car on a just an 80 degree day can reach excesses of 120 degrees in a matter of minutes. If your pooch loves car rides, refrain from going places where he/she has to stay in the car. The summer is the best time to run around and have fun with your pet in the sunshine! Always remember to keep water close by and a shady spot to take play breaks in, and you'll beat the heat together!

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