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by Xe Davis

Here in Downtown LA, we see just about every breed of dog trotting down Spring Street! Many of them can be seen lined up outside of Pet Project to get a tasty treat! It would seem that the downtown doggies are the ones having all the fun, while the cats of Downtown LA are lounging the day away in our apartments. If you are looking for something tasty or fun to bring home to your cat, look no further! Pet Project has everything your kitty needs! A package of our Sojos catnip is the perfect gift to bring home to your little guy to add a little spice to his day!

We also have a variety of KONG cat toys in stock with catnip inside of them. Once your feline friend has enjoyed some of their new catnip, they might be feeling frisky and ready to play! We have a plethora of furry mice, balls, and crinkly toys just waiting to be pawed at and played with!

Indoor cats often find themselves a lovely sofa or chair to scratch away at, which can result in damaged furniture and a very displeased owner. The remedy to your cat's scratching blues can be found in our variety of scratching posts! The Scratch Lounge, which doubles as a bed and a scratching post also comes with a tasty little bag of catnip to put right in the scratch board to make lounging time as fun as can be! If your loft is on the small side, we also carry scratching posts you can hang on your door or stick on your wall to conserve space!

Lastly, let’s not forget about all of the tasty cat treats we have! Bring home the incredibly popular Feline Greenies, which doubles as a delicious snack and a dental treat to help keep teeth clean! Another favorite of many of our clients’ cats are the tasty Whole Life chicken treats, which are 100% real freeze-dried chicken! Reconstitute them in warm water for a meaty snack for kitty!

Who says dogs are the ones who get to have all the fun Downtown? With Pet Project right in the heart of Spring Street, your kitties will never see a dull day again!

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