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Sitting behind the desk at Pet Project LA provides the perfect view of our busy and burgeoning home here on Spring Street. We watch our neighbors and friends walk by with yoga mats tucked under their arms; we see them speed by on their daily run (sometimes with a familiar pup running beside them!); we see them drinking a fresh juice made by one of the many juiceries in our little haven. So when the time comes for our clients come into Pet Project LA to purchase food for their furry friends it is clear that health is the main objective, for not only for themselves, but for their pets as well.

One of the invisible, yet more unpleasant things about the streets of Downtown Los Angeles is the amount of bacteria that is covering each block from end to end. There are over 50,000 residents Downtown. While the city and BIDs do their best to keep the streets as clean as possible, it is best for pet parents to take precautionary measures to ensure that their furry friends have the tough tummies they need to stave off harmful bacteria and keep them safe. This is where probiotics come in handy!

Probiotics are known to modulate the immune system and aid in healthy digestion in both humans and animals. They work to produce fatty acids, which inhibit the growth and activity of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli , and many of the harmful bacteria that can cause Parvo or Giardia. Both of which are commonly found in urban areas with a high population of dogs. Probiotics also help control inflammation in various parts of the body and have been known to prevent urinary tract infections. They can even reduce allergic reactions by decreasing permeability of the intestinal tract, preventing allergens from being absorbed into the body.

Here at Pet Project LA we carry a number of foods that have probiotics in them, such as NOW Fresh! and Wellness Core. However, it is sometimes necessary to add an extra supplement to your pet’s diet for ensured vitality. We carry a fantastic probiotic supplement, NaturVet w/ Digestive Enzymes, that will provide the perfect defense against all those scary bacterium lingering on the street or under your pup’s paws. The phrase "Better safe than sorry!" always applies when it comes to our pets health. Stop by Pet Project LA today and check out our great selection of supplements and foods with probiotics. One more way we can help you keep your pet happy and healthy!

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