Pet care against flea and ticks

Every year in Los Angeles as the weather changes and begins to grace us with its sweltering presence, it seems as though a fresh batch of fleas ride in; looking for the nearest pup to hop on to. Here at Pet Project we've got your little guys covered. We provide top of the line products made to fend off fleas and ticks. If you are concerned that your dog may get fleas from rolling around at the dog park with his pals, a monthly dose of Advantage II is a great defense to ward off those unsavory bloodsuckers. Paired with all natural Sentry Natural Defense Flea and Tick Spray, your pup will be protected from all the fleas and ticks that cross his path. Another great option for the unfortunate flea infested pet are Seresto Flea Collars which offer flea and tick protection for your dog and/or cat for eight months. What makes Seresto such a unique and powerful flea killer is the added ingredient of Flumethrin, which, working together with Imidacloprid, provides dual action against fleas and ticks. No other treatment has this combination of ingredients, which is what makes Seresto Collars a guarantee. With great weather comes great adventures. Pet Project is here to make sure your pet is protected every step of the way and to ensure this summer is spent slobbering and playing in the sun. Free of fleas!
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