Art Walk with Pinups for Pitbulls!

Posted by Rachel Long on

If you didn't catch Jessie from "Pinups for Pitbulls" last Art Walk, here is what you missed!

Pinups for Pitbulls is an AMAZING organization that helps to spread the word about pit bulls. They seek to "restore the image of the pit bull-type dog to its former reputation of America’s companion animal, war hero, and family member" through education. The founder, Deirdre, has not only co-wrote books on Breed Specific Legislation and Breed Discriminatory Laws, but she has guided the organization to be known across the world. See?! I told you they were AMAZING!!!

If you haven't done so already, please visit their website and help support this wonderful organization. You can get cute and useful products just like the one below!

Have a great rest of your weekend! <3

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