Kitten Season Is Upon Us!



In case you fine peeps didn't know, it is kitten season. Just in the past few weeks, we have had several kittens delivered to the pet store by people who either could no longer care for them or who simply did not know what to do with them. Thank goodness we are connected to one of the best foundations in LA (The Bark Avenue Foundation, duh!); without them we would have been lost.

So here's a little info about pets in the U.S.!


One of the suggestions on the infographic is to spay/neuter your pets. Although it is never a comfortable decision to alter your pet, it seems to be the only way cat and dog populations are successfully controlled at this point in time. That means if you want to keep the amount of animals turning up at shelters just to be euthanized, seriously consider spaying/neutering.

Until my visit to the shelter early last week, I didn't realize how extremely important it is to foster animals. As the infographic points out, this is the only hope for many pets at shelters. Shelters in LA are FULL of baby kittens and there is not enough staff to provide care to even more. If you are just the slightest bit curious about it, please do look up how to become a foster for a shelter or rescue. It's such great work!

On that uplifting note, hope y'all enjoy the rest of the week!


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