Pet Dental Hygiene

In case you didn't know, we are having a special this month on Greenies and Whimzees products to ensure that your pet is kissable as can be for Valentine's Day. So, I am taking this opportunity to discuss dental hygiene for your dogs and cats :)

Below is yet another infographic (my favorite educational tool) that has some pretty great facts about dog and kitty teef. If you haven't started, it may be time to use some of these tips to improve your pet's dental health. Unfortunately, dental issues can lead to bigger problems in dogs and cats.

Another preventative measure that this infographic does not touch on is simply letting your animals chew on more things. For cats, some products that we have are the Yeowww! catnip-filled toys. Your cats will love to nibble on these and they will back kick as well! In terms of your canine companions, a product that is really great for dental health is Barkworthies elk antlers. 

Other than those products, of course the Whimzees and Greenies are amazing quick snacks for your dogs and cats to chew! They will help with your pet's tartar and breath.

Peace out! - Rachel

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