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In case you haven't noticed all the trips you and your friend have been going on, it's travel season! And with travel season comes the decision of what to do with your pet(s) when you are gone. 

In today's blog, I will be discussing an article by Cesar Millan on what to do when you decide to bring your best friend with! If you are someone who thinks that life is richer with your canine or kitty or both, whether you travel with your pet(s) regularly or can't wait until you do, you will find Cesar's tips useful! 
Crating your Animal
In this article, Cesar discusses the benefits to crating an animal on an airplane and in a car. He says it is important to not project our feelings of enclosed spaces on to our pets because the crate may indeed bring your bestie comfort. If you are crating your dog, however, do make sure to get his/her energy out so that he/she will be more inclined to rest. 
Entering a New Space
It is important to assume control of the situation when entering a new space with your canine companion. Whether you are going to a hotel or staying with a family member, Cesar says it is key that you are the one exploring the space first as opposed to your dog thinking it is his or her new playscape. 
Keeping Your Pet Calm
Cesar Millan discusses the downsides to medicating your pet before and during a trip. He says that it is a risk for the pet to become dependent on the medication and that you as the owner have all the tools you need to calm him/her down with your voice and body language. Something else that might bring comfort to your pet is a familiar blanket or a toy to take along with him/her on the trip.
Here's the link to the full article! Read it for more great tips on pet travel!
Hope you have a great rest of your weekend! Comment below with your favorite places to bring your pet!

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