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Adoptable Dogs In and Around LA!!!

Adoptable Dogs In and Around LA!!!

Hey again, Everypawdy!

It’s been a while since we’ve been on here, and goodness, there is a LOT to talk about! Might as well start out with some warm and fuzzies, yeah?! 

And what gets those hearts a flutterin’ more than some adoptable pets?! Probably not much else!!! Except, of course, adoptable pets in Halloween costumes!!! And, well, that’s exactly what we have for you today. Some ready-to-adopt dogs that are dressed to impress at any Halloween pawty!

So, get ready for some cute-ass doggos to be coming at ya strong in this here blog post! Be prepared to say “awww” until your forehead wrinkles and head tilt are pretty much permanent for the next ten minutes, or until you are finished reading this post. 🤣

OK, you ready?! Here we go!!!

To start off the list of adoptable pets we got to meet in-person earlier this month, here’s Mary Jane from Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS)!

Cute dog in elmo costume.

Cute dog in elmo costume.

Mary Jane is pictured in the Pet Krewe Elmo costume found here.

Name: Mary Jane 

Sex: Female

Age: 5 Years Old

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Bio: As you can probably guess from these photos, Mary Jane is super sweet and submissive.  She is very new to BFAS, so they're still learning about her, but there are a few things that are fact! 1) She's had a few litters of puppies and is ready to retire from momhood and 2) She is a happy, calm soul. You may be asking, how can you help this sweet baby?! Well, here are some ways: You can help her find her forever home and/or be a place for her in-between! Help to promote her on social media/email about her, foster her, or if you love her already (and who doesn’t?!), apply to adopt her!!!

 Cute dog in lion costume.

Cute dog in lion costume.

Mary Jane is also pictured in the Pet Krewe Lion Mane Accessory Set found here.

So, you’ve seen some dog pics now and you’re wondering who even is Best Friends Animal Society?! Well, let me tell ya! BFAS is “a leading national animal welfare organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America's shelters”. They partner with amazing animal welfare organizations across the country in order to operate the nation's largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals! In LA, they are leading the NKLA (No-Kill Los Angeles) initiative to end the killing of homeless pets in city shelters. Pretty friggin cool, right?! Right!!!

Now that you know who they are, check out this other dude at BFAS that you can adopt/foster/spread the word about named Augustus!!!

Cute dog in Big Bird costume.

Cute dog in Big Bird costume.Augustus is pictured in the Pet Krewe Big Bird Hoodie Costume found here.

Name: Augustus 

Sex: Male

Age: 5 Years Old 

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Other Facts: 1. Augustus is deaf. 2. He has some skin issues and eats a special diet to control them. 

Bio: This guy is so stinkin cute and funny! One look into Augustus' big brown eyes and you'll be hypnotized! This boy will steal your heart with his sweetness and silly antics. Since Augustus is deaf, he asks that his adopters and/or foster parents be patient with him, as he is still working on learning hand signals. He's one smart cookie, though, and he's picking it up quickly!  Augustus loves people and would likely benefit from being the only pet in the home.

Cute dog in Captain America costume.Augustus is pictured above in the Rubie's Costume Co. Captain America Costume found here.

BFAS wasn’t the only amazing rescue that we got to meet some doggos from! We also had the opportunity to meet Camilia from Bark N’ Bitches, another rescue located in Los Angeles! 

Cute dog in pirate costume.

Cute dog in pirate costume.Camila is pictured in the Pet Krewe Pirate Costume found here

Name: Camila

Sex: Female

Age: 2 and a half Years Old

Breed: Unknown Spaniel Mix

Bio: Camila was rescued from Tijuana when her owner could no longer afford her medical care. Camila had a surgery and she is now healed and ready to meet her forever pawrents! Camila is a happy-go-lucky, super loving and sweet girl. She will be an awesome family dog that will bring an incredible amount of joy. She weighs 37 pounds, so she is that perfect medium-sized doggo waiting to cuddle up next to you!

Cute dog in Spider-Girl costume.

Cute dog in Spider-Girl costume.

Camila is pictured in the Rubie's Costume Co. Spider-Girl costume found here.

Who the heck is Bark N’ Bitches, you ask?! Bark N’ Bitches started out as a humane, rescue-based pet store and now operates as a foster-based dog rescue in LA!!! They are dedicated to saving pets-in-need and finding the best homes for them! Yay!!!

OK, on to the next one! Meet Beau from BFAS :)

Cute dog in Spider-Man costume.

Cute dog in Spider-Man costume.Beau is pictured in the Rubie's Costume Co. Spider-Man costume found here.

Name: Beau 

Sex: Male

Age: 8 Years Old

Breed: Chihuahua mix

Bio: Beau is a little shy at first, but a sweet boy once he gets to know you. He gets along with kids and other dogs very nicely. He enjoys going on walks, sitting in laps, and being near people. In the car, he is calm, or sleeps. He even knows the trick "Spin"! What a cool little guy! All in all, he is a great dog who just wants a furiend to spoil him! Is that you, perchance?!?!

Up next, it’s Hyrax!

Cute dog in Ghostbusters costume.

Cute dog in Ghostbusters costume.Hyrax is pictured in the Rubie's Costume Co. Ghostbusters costume found here.

Name: Hyrax

Sex: Female

Age: 4 Years Old

Breed: Pit Bull Mix

Bio: BFAS is still learning about Hyrax. They do know some overall positive things, however! She's very happy and energetic and great with people! She is such a loving baby that wants to lick the face of any pal she meets! She would be a great addition to an active household!

And now, Emerald and Torrey!!!

Cute dog in Mickey costume.

Cute dog in Donald costume.

Torrey (black) is pictured in the Rubie's Costume Co. Mickey Mouse Accessory set found here. Emerald (tan) is pictured in the Rubie's Costume Co. Donald Duck Accessory set found here

Names: Torrey (black) and Emerald (Tan) 

Sex: Females

Age: Both about 11 Years Old

Breed: Both Chihuahuas :)

Other facts: Both have heart disease

Bio: BFAS doesn’t know much about these two senior ladies, but imagine that they were with an older person who could no longer take care of them for one reason or another. They are both incredibly sweet and a little bit shy. These senior babes are looking for their ideal retirement home where they can relax and stay together!

Cute dogs in Mickey & Donald costume.

Well, that’s all the adoptable animals we have for you today, folks! We hope you enjoyed learning about these furiends as much as we did! Now go spread the word, apply to become fosters, apply to adopt, or whatever else you amazing humans have up your sleeves for helping these cutie patooties! 

As you might have concluded, a lot of the information about these adoptable pets in the LA area listed above came from the Best Friends Animal Society as well as Bark N’ Bitches themselves! We are hoping to spread the word about these amazing cutie pies to get them homed (either with a foster or their new pawrents)!

If you have any questions about these particular animals (or other fur babies in-need), please to go the Best Friends Animal Society website at:

Or to the Bark N’ Bitches website at:

Thanks for tuning in, y’all! Until next time!


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