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Sustainable Brands Now at Pet Project LA

Sustainable Brands Now at Pet Project LA

Join us in this blog for a look at some of the newest eco-friendly brands you can find at Pet Project LA.

Hey y'all!

In our last blog (in which I interviewed myself), I spoke about the need for more sustainable pet brands in the accessories and clothing realm. I also mentioned that we were planning on bringing in some options from that realm and folks, I am happy to say that day has come!

Two pit bulls in Eddgy eco dog fashion walking sets.Angus and Shakespeare modeling the EDDGY eco dog fashion walking sets.

One brand that I am extremely excited about is EDDGY eco dog fashion! EDDGY makes sustainable collars, leashes, bag holders, and ID tags for your furry friends! EDDGY uses GRS certified post-comsumer recycled materials (including plastic bottles!) to make pet products eco-friendly and durable! Even their ID tags are recycled and made from Earth’s first-ever 100% recycled acrylic sheets. Talk about innovation! Their leashes, collars, harnesses, and bag holders are unisex gender-neutral tie dye, so no matter what your BFF looks like, they will look fabulous in all things EDDGY!

Pit bull wearing Loki EDDGY walking set.Shakespeare wearing EDDGY walking set in Loki.

Chihuahua wearing Heads or Tails Pup overalls.Paco modeling Heads or Tails Pup overalls. 

An additional brand in the accessories realm makes clothing and harnesses from upcycled goods! I’m talking about the Burbank based brand we all need to know about, Heads or Tails Pup! Pam, the owner of Heads or Tails Pup, originally came up with the idea using hand-me-down clothes from her children to make items for her pets. From there it expanded! Now, she and her two daughters (and sometimes her husband and son) work together to source, design, and produce the upcycled pet products they offer today! Thrifting and repurposing is the name of the game for Heads or Tails Pup and we are so happy they are a local, woman-owned business that we can offer our to customers!

Pit bull wearing Heads or Tails Pup denim harnessAngus wearing Heads or Tails Pup denim harness.


Arm holding Cool Poo Bags box

Hand holding Cool Poo Bags box.

Another area in which I realized we were seriously lacking was eco-friendly poop bag options. Well, lucky us, a local brand that makes at-home-compostable grade bags that are also very cute happened to reach out to us to become a retailer! Not only are these bags going to break down in a landfill or compost, they are stylish as heck! They remind you of a takeout bag with the classic red THANK YOU printed on the side, yet they are earth friendly and say “Have a nice poo” on them! Basically, they’re good vibes all around and you’re supporting another woman-owned small business when you buy them! Hip hip, hooray! 

Arm holding out Cool Poo Bags bagHand holding Cool Poo Bags bag.

PoopShark poop bags on beachPoopShark paper bags on beach.

A second poop bag brand that we brought in is PoopShark! PoopShark makes unbleached, at-home-compostable paper pet waste bags! With these, you not only eliminate plastic waste one poo at a time, you also become a shark while doing it! Designed with a cute shark printed on the side, it makes picking up your pet’s deuces a super fun time! With PoopShark, you can literally attack plastic waste head on!

Side view of PoopShark poop bag holder.Hooman holding leash with PoopShark bag holder.

Welp, we hope you appreciate these sweet eco-friendly brands as much as we do! Comment below to share your thoughts!


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