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Pets So Good Oreo Bowl-Black & White Short

Pets So Good Oreo Bowl-Black & White Short

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Let's be honest. Your four legged friend can be a - very cute but - careless eater. That's why Pets So Good created the elevated Oreo Table. This modern feeder features a chic slip-resistant, solid steel construction that keeps food or water in place and the mess off your floors.

Considered one of the most durable materials in the world, we've also fitted the Oreo Table with a antibacterial porcelain bowl. This acid, heat, and scratch resistant material will keep your pet's food and water safe while they finish dinner.

Clean, modern look. Black finish.
Caters to pets of different sizes. 

Holds up to 12 oz. 


  • Bowl : Ceramic
  • Table : Steel


  • Total: 5.6" W x 4.13" H (Stand alone is 2.16" in height)
  • Bowl: 5.6" diameter x 2" H