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The Pet Project LA Team

Adria Cumonow | Pet Project LA Director

Here, of course, is our fabulous Pet Project LA Director, Adria Cumonow!

"When my dear friend, Jay Blumberg, asked me to create the space, select the inventory, and hire the staff for his new venture, Pet Project LA, I was excited to take on the challenge because it was such a perfect fit. With my far-reaching expertise in design I knew exactly what I wanted to see: a bright and happy place for dogs and their owners, with canisters full of free samples. Since my significant other and I had recently adopted our darling cockapoo, Little Joe, I’d done extensive research about his care so I wanted every food, treat, and hygiene item to be of the highest quality. And with my wide-ranging experience in customer service I wanted a staff who knew everything about what we sold so that our patrons would be sure they’d be getting exactly what they needed for their four-pawed pals.

I’m thrilled that Pet Project has become such a beloved member of the downtown community, and with Little Joe as my continued inspiration we’ll be there for you and your pet with the best you can get!"

Lindsey Barnett | Store Manager

Curious about the crew?

Here is Lindsey Barnett, our Store Manager, in her own words...

"I have slowly and steadily evolved into a cat lady. No shame in my game. I have always had dogs and cats growing up, but my adult self can relate the most to that of a cat. Stealthy, coy, independent, and spastic at times. I like to be bothered on my own time and only like the attention of humans when I absolutely need something.

On a serious note, I truly care about the well being of all animals. I worked at an animal hospital throughout high school and have continued to keep myself connected to animals in some way since. I am currently the manager at Pet Project LA and have been a team member for almost four years now. I have made it my goal to embrace the philosophy of having a happy and healthy atmosphere at Pet Project. When I am not at the store you can find me hanging with my two kitties, Puppet and Stoli."

I wonder what time of day her spastic self appears?

Michael Malanga | Team Member

"As a typical kid who liked to explore and find adventure, living next to the railroad tracks was a dream come true! It wasn't uncommon for me to find stray dogs out there roaming around hopelessly looking for food, and mom always said that all creatures are Gods creatures and that we should love them all no matter what. So I didn't mind getting yelled at by my parents for bringing every single one of them home and keeping them. Catching rabbits with a box, some carrots, a fan, a stick and string was also a way for me to have more pets for free! Cats were the best to find as a kid because if you were patient and followed them around, sometimes you would find a whole litter of kittens! Like this one time when I crawled under my house after i had noticed a cat had kept going down there through a hole in the wire screen. It was pitch black, I got dirty from head to toe, i crawled through tons of spider webs and think i even saw a rat, (it was a kids dream adventure!) and at the end, i found 6 kittens! My parents were not too happy about this, they said i couldn't keep them. I simply replied "but mom said that we should love Gods creatures no matter what..." An 8 year old and saying that to his parents...of course I got to keep them all. I love animals. I own 4 cats. I've worked at pet project for 2 years. I love this place. I love people who love animals which is each and everyone of our customers"

Amanda Brass | Team Member

"Growing up in rural Colorado I have wonderful childhood memories of dozens of farm cats, working breed dogs, and domestic livestock. Not to mention the wildlife around the Platte River which taught me more about Mother Nature than any book. I've seen everything from newborn litters to "senior moments"! My affinity for small creatures has never abated - even after moving to the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles. Animals are more than just companions or 'accessories' for humans. I am proud to be my friend's "go-to" girl for cat-sitting and dog-sitting for all ages and any breed.

Working at Pet Project LA has been an absolute DREAM JOB as I now help dog, cat, and bunny "parents" find the healthiest and most fun food, toys, and accessories for their little loved ones. I learn something new every day and get to experience the joy of strengthening relations between pet and owner. And the best part of working at Pet Project? Giving treats to wagging tails with happy faces."

We love having you as part of our team Amanda!

Rachel Long | Team Member

Rachel, one of Pet Project's newest team members, is so excited to be a part of the pet-loving community in downtown LA! She is an all around animal lover who has been surrounded by animals her whole life. She is an advocate for animal rights and passionate about pet and wildlife well-being. When she isn't talking about her home state of Texas, she is playing or cuddling with her pup Shakespeare.

Brian Bielski | Marketing Director


Our History

In May 2011 Melanie Pozez and Jay Blumberg wanted to develop an urban pet supply store in the area they most believed in, Downtown LA. Pet Project LA was born and has become a neighborhood “happy-spot” for DTLA residents & their pets, with a focus on high-quality, holistic food, treats and toys for dogs, cats, and bunnies. As an established & committed member of the DTLA community, Pet Project is active in shaping Downtown LA into a pet-friendly place to live.

Our Neighbors

We’d like you to think of us as your neighbor. That’s why our store is conveniently located in your neighborhood, with everything your pet needs in our cozy little shop! Our in-store team members will not only help you find the right products for your pet, but will also remember your pet’s face and name.

Our Pets

We believe that people don’t own pets—our pets are our familly. As pet lovers, everything we do is genuinely designed to make pets healthy & happy. It’s this philosophy that acts as the foundation of Pet Project LA, propelling us forward as we work hard and continue to be Downtown Los Angeles’ favorite neighborhood pet store.

Our Products

We promise that we will never stock any product on our store shelves that we wouldn’t feel comfortable giving to our own pets. We are proud to be a leading supplier of safe and healthy pet care innovations, such as our extensive selection of dry and canned natural foods, nutrient-rich freeze-dried, and frozen raw foods for dogs and cats. We promise to only carry foods and treats made in North America, and nothing ever from China.

Please feel free to use the form below to contact us about any questions, comments, or compliments!

Want immediate help? Call the store at (213) 688-7752 during regular business hours and one of our Team Members will be happy to assist you with any questions you might have.