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Local Delivery & Shipping FAQs

Local Delivery to DTLA

Q: What zip codes do you offer delivery to?

A: We offer same-day* local delivery to the following zip codes: 

*Orders placed by 4pm.

Q: When should I expect my delivery?

A: If you place your order at or before 4pm, your order will be taken that day. If you place your order after 4pm, your order will be taken that day if a courier is available and the next day if a courier is not available.

Q: Who delivers my order?

A: Our amazing local courier is PDQ! A fantastic person from their team will quickly and professionally delivery your goodies to you!

Q: How do I add a note (door code, delivery instructions, etc) to my order?

A: There is now a "Notes" section on the cart page of your order!

Q: How do I tip my courier?

A: Go to to add a tip for your courier! Include your name and address in the notes so that they can make sure to give it to the correct person! You can also ask them in-person if they have a venmo/PayPal/CashApp account or you can give them cash!

Regular Shipping Orders (UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc.)

We are unable to ship frozen items outside of our local delivery range at this time. 

Current processing time is one business day.