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Charlie's Backyard Charlie's Bag-Violet

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Designed to be the most suitable pattern for dogs after many fitting tests, the Charlie's Bag is made of ultra-light so as not to burden the dog. The wide waist guard is applied to minimize distortion even in rough activities, and the X-shaped shoulder strap that fits comfortably across the chest prevents skin abrasion. The back of the bag that comes into contact with the dog's body is made of air form mesh material for cushioning and excellent ventilation and wearing comfort. It is easy to store snacks and defecation bags when your dog goes out, and at the same time it becomes a fun fashion item for your dog. 



Can be used as a harness.
D-ring is attached to the top of CHARLIE'S BAG, so it can be used like a harness.
(Not recommended for medium-sized dogs using large size.)

Light weight and ergonomic design.
The wide waist guard comfortably wraps your dog's waist and minimizes skewing and twisting during activities.

Breathable air mesh lining.
The back of the bag that comes into contact with the dog's body uses a thick air foam mesh for excellent ventilation in all four seasons.

Can use pouch for ice pack or hot pack.
Add coolant in summer and hot pack in winter.
Using the air foam mesh, the temperature of the contents is effectively transferred.

Cross straps provide more comfort.
The X-shaped shoulder strap is a pattern developed by Charlies Backyard in consideration of the dog's body shape, and fits comfortably across the chest, effectively preventing the bag from tipping. Please balance both sides when wearing.


CHARLIE'S BAG has been subjected to many fitting tests and is produced in a pattern suitable for the dog's body structure.

Please read below for more stable wearing.

1) The shoulder strap must be tightened with an X.

2) Adjust the 3 straps to fit your dog's body type and wear them.

3) The right and left balance must be correct when worn, so there is no slipping phenomenon when used.

4) CHARLIE'S BAG is a product developed as a dog's fashion accessory. Don't leave an excessive burden.


Chest measurement 28-36 cm 35-55cm 40-73 cm