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Charlie's Backyard Easy Leash - Blue

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This leash is the best! You can adjust the length from 90cm to 160cm, and you can easily wrap it around your waist or attach it to a pole or a tree by using the buckle on the handle. The light weight of 59g and the soft touch of suede make it comfortable for walking dogs, and it has sufficient tensile strength.


-Width: 1.5cm

-Length: 90 - 160cm

How to Use

1. When you need a long leash.

When you need a long leash, you can use it by extending it to 160cm.

2. When you need a short leash.

When you need a short leash, it can be reduced to 90 cm.
3. When you need both hands.

You can tie your dog somewhere for a while when you sit down or when you are drinking a coffee.

4. When you jog with your dog.

When walking with your dog, you can connect the leash to the back of the dog's back and walk or run together.