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Meowy Janes Silvervine Powder-Catnip Alternative 1 oz

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An alternative treat to catnip that's even more intense - Silvervine Powder! Many cats love Silvervine even if they have no reaction to catnip! A 2017 study found that one in three cats do not respond to catnip but that 80 percent of all cats respond to Silvervine. For cats who have no reaction to catnip, it is an excellent alternative.

If your cat already loves catnip, Silvervine can be a great addition to their playtime repertoire! Sprinkle a small pinch on a favorite toy, scratching post, or wherever you want to encourage your cat to play. Your cat will feel the effects for anywhere from 5 - 30 minutes.

To make our natural Silvervine Powder, we very finely grind up the dried fruit of an ivy like plant called the Actinindia Polygama that is native to the mountains of Eastern Asia. Although relatively unknown in Northern America, the silver vine plant is very popularly used in other countries as a cat stimulant.

Made in United States of America