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Meowy Janes Valerian Root-Catnip Alternative 3.75 oz

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A fun alternative to catnip! Meowy Janes Valerian Root is a perfect alternative for cats who don't react to catnip. For cats who love catnip, it can be a fun way to switch up a regular playtime routine!

Valerian Root contains two naturally occurring chemicals- actinidine and valeric acid. Valeric acid acts similarly to a cat pheromone, while actinidine is structurally similar to the nepetalactone in catnip. It causes a similar reaction!

Cats will find the stinky cheese, hint of mint, wet earth-esque scent of Valerian root irresistible. It's smell can be a little pungent at first, but up close it smells nice! Your cat will especially think so.

Made in United States of America