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Petmate Skirted Litter Pan
Petmate Skirted Litter Pan

Petmate Skirted Litter Pan

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A litter pan is the most important thing that pet parents can provide for their feline friends. The Petmate® Skirted Litter Pan brings a new stylish and modern design to your cat's litter pan that is also sure to fit in any home decor. The durable double wall design features a wider base so that the Skirted Litter Pan will not tip over for cats that leap into or from the pan. High walls help contain litter scatter from being kicked out or tracked out of the pan. The no-tip design is great for cats that leap from the pan. Features inset molded handles on each side which provide extra convenience when moving or cleaning. High polished finish is easy to clean.


  • High sides prevent litter from scattering out of box
  • Double walls and wide base prevent it from tipping over
  • The open design gives your cat freedom of movement
  • Molded handles make it easy to move and clean


21.9" L x 16.4" W x 6.5" H