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The Foggy Dog Neon Tetra Climbing Rope Leash

The Foggy Dog Neon Tetra Climbing Rope Leash

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This. Leash. Is. Goregous.

Blue-and-pink diamond-patterned rope with coral peach accents.

Nylon climbing rope is lightweight, weatherproof, and will not mildew or fray.

Industrially sewn splices are certified to withstand thousands of pounds of pull.

Soft and supple rope is easy on your hands, even when your dog pulls.

Attach a waste bag or securely tie your dog to a post with the brass O ring.

Solid marine-grade brass hardware.

Made in the USA.

Accented with hand-whipped nylon cord and wooden tag.

-Choose between 4 foot and 6 foot length.

-Rope diameter is approx. 3/8"

-Weight: 6-7oz