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Walkee Paws Classic Leggings

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Since their launch last winter, Walkee Paws dog leggings have been best in show. 

"Grippies” for traction: Slipping and sliding on wet pavement or icy sidewalks is no fun for your Fido. That’s why there are added “grippies” to the outside of the booties for better traction. They’re also perfect for older pups who struggle on wooden surfaces.

A flawless fit:  There is a second over-the-back connector to help you better adjust the fit on both the front and back legs, offering even more canine comfort and staying power. Plus, the extra connector comes in a super cute heart shape, which makes it easier to distinguish the front from the back leggings.

Enhanced waterproof features: Walkee Paws uses a new water-resistant technology for their leggings, and their rubber booties are 100% waterproof.

How to Fit:


Standing over your dog, position the black cord stopper and loops by your dog's shoulders with the silver heart pointing toward your dog's tail. Separate the four pieces in the direction of each leg.


Starting with the front paws, slip one paw at a time into the booties. Repeat on the back paws.


Make sure the front paws have a snug fit by pushing in on the cord stopper and pulling the front loops tight. If your pup has long hair, hold the cord stopper high to avoid catching its fur.


Slide the grey heart toward your dog's lower back.


Ensure a snug fit on the back legs by pushing in on the black cord stopper and pulling up on the back loops. Depending on your dog's size you may need to loosen or tighten the back loops using the back cord stopper. Once you've achieved the perfect fit, you won't have to readjust each time.


If your dog wears a harness or coat, layer them in over your Walkee Paws. You can attach the metal ring to your dog's collar or harness with the leash clip.


Post-walk, rinse rubber booties in cold water. If necessary, machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle and ang to dry inside out.